Outer Banks Rental Home

Owning a beach house on the Outer Banks is different than your primary home. Your beach home is a little hotel in the scheme of things, people are on vacation, and want to have a good time. Sometimes your beach home will pay for that and you have to be protected. We can help you do just that – your home won’t be bullet proof to the crazy mishaps that may happen, but you will be in a better position at the end of the season.

The staff at Albemarle Carpet can help you pick the right Fabric or Floor products for your Outer Banks Beach Home. Whether you’re not sure what rooms you should have carpet, tile, or wood in. What fabric holds up the best, what carpet fiber is the best choice for me, should i have stone in my shower or ceramic tile? These are the questions that you will need to answer and we can help you. Just contact us with your questions and we will be more than happy to help you!